Khanh Hoa PC training use the equipment supporting the working inspection of electric selling buyer

Recently, Khanh Hoa PC organized a training course on how to use INCEU smart devices for 25 employees working on the inspection and supervision of electricity trading (KTGSMB) in the affiliated power to improve the quality of this work. INCEU is a Blutooth – RF signal conversion device manufactured by the Central Electric Electronic Equipment Production Center. This is a smart device that allows users to access meter parameters to check the operation of the meter remotely, within a permitted radius without having to climb a column or into a customer’s home. The device helps to monitor the use of electricity by customers to compare with the current parameters, meter readings, judge the theft of electricity, use the wrong purpose, etc. With the linkage feature between smart Smartphone device and electronic meter, INCEU technology device can read meter parameters directly in the field, stand for error and warning alerts when customers intervene. meters such as shutting down, reverse polarity … assisting brothers to work as KTGSMB to monitor and identify customers in the area of ​​suspected use violations. Before the prolonged hot situation, the power output increased, electric theft took place more and more sophisticated, difficult to detect; Khanh Hoa PC has strengthened the inspection of the field and application of information technology through the use of RF-Spider, CMIS, CPM … programs, in order to find customers who suspected of violating electricity use. As for the cases of power theft, the handling should have a practical basis, reasonable, must choose the appropriate time to easily reach the scene, to avoid making customers suspicious and difficult. towels for the investigation process. With INCEU equipment, at the scene KTGSMBĐ staff will use smartphone connected to INCEU by Bluetooth. INCEU devices will transmit parameters: meter readings, current, voltage, warnings … on customers’ home meters to the phone. Electricity sector staff can watch live at the site without entering the customer’s home, through which the staff captures the exact time when the customer commits a violation to select the appropriate time to handle the case. violation of electricity use. To be able to fully exploit the preeminent features of the device, at the training, in addition to theoretical knowledge, installation and use instructions …, the staff of the Management Board have also been instructed to practice with the equipment. under real-world model, assuming situations that often occur to practice. Most students have successfully connected to INCEU devices to access meters, solving situations that need to be handled quickly and promptly. Evaluation of INCEU equipment, trainee Cu Duc Hy – Worker KTGS, Van Ninh Power Company (PC Khanh Hoa) said: “INCEU smart device is a device with many new features that bring high efficiency in operations. KTGSMBĐ and actively support for you to do this work. This device is particularly effective in the city due to the special feature of the meter area in the house with a large number, customers can easily carry out electric theft. INCEU equipment has well supported the detection of electric theft without checking, directly impacting the meter ”. The training initially brought about certain successes when most of the students working in the University of Technology were excited and appreciated the utility of INCEU equipment. In the near future, PC Khanh Hoa will fully exploit INCEU technology equipment to enhance detection of the number of violations of electricity use, contributing to reducing power loss at the unit.