Operation and maintenance of solar power system

In recent years, solar power has become more popular as many people realize the benefits of investing in this clean energy power system. Most companies install grid-connected solar power systems, with the advantages of durability and simple operation, fully automatic.

However, for the system to operate stably and sustainably, in addition to choosing a long-term reputable supplier in the market, homeowners / investors also often wonder about system operation and maintenance. how to be right



The solar power system can now be divided into three categories, one for residential rooftop, the commercial / industrial roof (rooftop comercial) and the solar farm (solar farm). However, depending on each system, each installation location may have different instructions.

Normally, the operation process can be checked as follows:

Everyday / weekly / monthly: usually the current solar power systems are provided with a remote monitoring system, so the landlord / investor can monitor the production of electricity produced Every day to know if your system is daily / weekly or monthly with regular power production. If there is regular power production, the system is stable. Normally, in less than 3 months, there is no work required to maintain the solar power system. Some systems that have been installed for a long time without this remote monitoring system can be viewed directly on the grid screen or electricity meter installed in the same system. It is not necessary to watch daily, but it is recommended that at least once a month check the amount of electricity produced from your system.

Quarterly (every 3 months): Every quarter, you should check if the solar battery rig is too much dust and dirt. The high quality solar panels themselves have anti-dust coating on the surface, plus the installation of the panels with the angle of reduction of dust, so normally the areas in the city do not adhere to the dust every quarter. On the battery surface, just check if you can, not too worried. However, there are more dusty areas such as near thermal power plants, near concrete and cement plants, etc., will also cause dust clogging on the surface of the battery than normal, at the same time should also clean the battery tray. necessary.

In addition, some low-lying areas and surrounding trees can grow taller afterwards, so be aware of whether the trees are shading on solar panels, or the leaves that have fallen on the truss. battery not. Because the shading tree or fallen leaves on the battery pack will significantly reduce battery performance.


Every year, if conditions permit, check the information: Solar panels: as above, solar panels should be checked without too much dust, surrounding trees cover or leaves and garbage lying on battery surface. At least once a year, check to clean the battery if necessary.

Examine the frame system, wires, electrical cabinets still in good condition. If possible, check the parameter of the inverter grid, make sure that around the inverter not installed by other heating devices, it can cause inverter heat or reduce the cooling ability of inverter.

Every 5 years: should check the whole system, pay attention to the stainless steel frame, the wire is not peeling, the battery is clean, the equipment in the electrical cabinet is still operating well. Check the annual power output, if there is a measuring device, it is possible to check the operation of the fuses, CBs, connectors, etc. in the electrical cabinet. However, if the power output is stable, most electrical cabinets and equipment are working well.

The operation and maintenance of solar system is very important to help improve the system life and significantly reduce warranty and maintenance activities annually.