Opening the forum of technology and energy in Vietnam in 2019

The opening ceremony of the “Technology and Energy of Vietnam in 2019” forum was organized by the Department of Technology Application and Development (Ministry of Science and Technology) in coordination with the Korea Energy Department on June 25 in Ho Chi Minh City HCM. The forum is an activity to strengthen exchanges and cohesion among agencies of the Government of Vietnam and Korea in the energy sector. In addition, the forum is also expected to be a place to exchange information and seek opportunities for investment cooperation and technology transfer between Korean corporations and enterprises with Vietnamese departments, branches and provinces. , to seek opportunities as well as attract investment.

Ms. Tran Thi Hong Lan, Deputy Director of the Application and Development of speech opening technology forum

Speaking at the forum, Ms. Tran Thi Hong Lan, Deputy Director of the Department of Technology Application and Development said: “In recent years, the Department of Technology Application and Development has had many cooperation activities with the foreign organizations and enterprises to promote technology transfer activities from abroad into Vietnam. Many new and advanced foreign technologies have been gathered and introduced to Vietnamese organizations and enterprises and some technologies have been successfully transferred, contributing to improving the technological capacity as well as the efficiency. results for Vietnamese enterprises ”.

According to the World Bank Report (WB), Vietnam is one of the 14 countries in the world leading in hydropower potential. Currently, Vietnam has more than 120 thousand hydropower stations, with an estimated total capacity of 300 MW. In addition, Vietnam has a great potential for wind energy, with a long stretch of seaway, resulting in abundant wind flow and a total potential of more than 513 thousand MW.

With respect to solar energy, with the advantage of being one of the countries with the most allocation of sunshine in the year on the radiation map of the world, Vietnam has many advantages to exploit this energy source. . In fact, in the last two years, Vietnam has been witnessing the booming development of the solar energy sector with the support mechanism of the state more and more practical.

In the framework of the forum, two thematic workshops took place to introduce to the relevant management agencies, research organizations, the business community the general information about the renewable energy policy of Vietnam, Vietnam’s energy prospect as well as introducing the Korean Government’s experience in building policies to encourage and support the renewable energy industry in recent years.