New solution for electric saving power

With the development of technology, Solar street lights – light solutions Outdoor lighting is growing and widely used. With the calculator Superior features such as saving, safety, stable operation, high durability, easy to install, No need for electricity grid, no cost of electricity monthly, fully operational Automatic, low maintenance costs.

Solar lighting system is a solar system (Solar energy) to create electricity for outdoor lighting. This system likes suitable for all outdoor areas that need lighting. This is the ideal and effective solution Results for places where electricity is not available or there are expensive and complex electrical pulls. May places like streets, parking lots, parks, factory premises, works or any other public area


Intelligent solar street lighting system for urban lighting is complete It’s the same as an independent solar power system. The difference of lighting system is The download is “self-sufficient”, so it is usually light bulbs that use DC current. At this time Battery provides power directly without needing inverter.

Operation: daytime solar cells receive energy, the controller is both stable and stable voltage for PV solar, just control the battery level in the battery to decide the charging current into battery. By evening at a designated time, the controller disconnects charging completely and Turn on the light, then turn off an hour. So, choose PV panel and Battery similar to independent solar power system.

The development of solar luminaires will be the solution and create new directions for development renewable energy in Vietnam. Benefit for social security and contribute to building economic development of the province and the country